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Mother Fuckin’ Liar

From a very young age, my mother told me that there was one type of people she could not stand: liars. Okay, if you’ve ever met my mother, you know she dislikes a lot more people than just those who are plagued with Pinocchio syndrome. However, in sticking with my…


Too Social on Social Media?

Officially one whole month into a new year, and I can’t help but wonder: How many of you have already broken your resolutions? No judgment, seriously. I didn’t even bother making any resolutions. Why? Well, it could be because I’m already perfect and don’t need to make changes in my…



“We’re running out of time, Michael.” Terri entered her office, leaving a trail of heavy snow behind her. She peeled off her wet gloves, tossed them onto her desk, and quickly began rubbing her hands together. The weather outside was frightful; but, unfortunately, there was no delightful fire. In fact,…

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Teddy placed one Nike-clad foot in front of the other. She was trembling. The ground beneath her felt rough and solid. But for a moment, she thought that it might be slightly moving underneath her. Teddy slammed her eyes shut, inhaled, and then exhaled slowly. She hated being alone and…

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Bi Bi, Love

Before we get started down this yellow brick road of a discussion, where I’ll (hopefully) find a brain — and a heart — I feel it necessary to preface my latest blog with a warning: It may piss someone off. Now, if you know me, not only should you consider yourself very…

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Nice Guys Get Shit On

A friend once told me that when you wrong someone, you must apologize, and then move on. Well, depending on how “wrong” you actually were to the person in question, this task can be a lot easier said than done. It can also be particularly difficult when you’re the villain…

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