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Bodies stack up in a small, Southern California town, as a serial killer strangles young women. The ultimate rule of survival becomes clear: trust no one.

Clues left by the killer’s choice of victims remain unnoticed until Cate Abbott unearths something crucial. She is sure she knows just who the monster really is, but will anyone believe her?

It’s true that secrets don’t stay buried for long, as a stranger’s revenge, an ex-detective with a plan, and a past murder all collide, proving that digging up some secrets can be deadly.



After her mother’s brutal murder, Elle finds her life ripped apart. When she moves to Ohio to be with her estranged father, Elle is shocked to discover a local woman stabbed to death. Delving further into the mystery, she soon learns that the same signature calling card found on her mother’s body was also left behind on the most recent corpse.

Has her mother’s killer followed her? The race to unmask the assailant leads Elle to rely on a police deputy with a dark secret, a reporter with a hidden agenda, and a tight group of friends before the bloodbath continues and a serial killer takes the next victim … perhaps even Elle.



What makes people tick? A MOTIVE FOR MURDER is a collection of four suspense stories that explores this question. Love, control, jealousy, and power are dangerous emotions showcased in a tangled mix of relationships. Each story takes the reader on a jagged journey, digging into the reasons behind why someone may choose to kill.

This book of murder and mystery will show you how far a person will go to get what they want and the deadly consequences that follow. Everyone has a breaking point. Do you know yours?



Are you ready for more murder? It’s here, the suspenseful follow up to A MOTIVE FOR MURDER. The stakes have been raised in five new short stories in which everyday people find their limits being pushed to the breaking point.

Death and destruction combine as the reader is placed into a terrifying world where actions speak louder than words – actions that are dark, demented, and shocking. ANOTHER MOTIVE FOR MURDER explores new characters, new twists, and new motives behind an individual’s reason to kill. In this latest mystery novel, morals aren’t just tested, they’re shattered. Ever had a motive you thought could be justified? Think again!



Are you ready for the finale? The third and last eBook in the “Motive” anthology is here – A FINAL MOTIVE FOR MURDER. More blood and death are on display in this concluding chapter where troubled lives meet dark and demented fates.

These five new short stories showcase everyday situations in which mistakes can be lethal, costing you your life. Take a look at how one small flaw can create a gruesome tidal wave of destruction. The end is here, and in the end, we all go crazy. Don’t we?