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What’s Better than WWE, the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, and Jimmy Fallon? The Next Victim and ‘Til Death, Of Course

Baseball season is officially upon us. But in case you’re not into watching men swing big, wooden bats, you may need to choose another pastime to help keep you entertained throughout the day or evening. And you’re in luck! While watching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field may not offer much…

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The Super Tuesday Bidding War of The Next Victim and ‘Til Death: Will Tim Burton or Steven Spielberg Win in 2016?

Hi, kids! Did you miss me? The correct answer is, “Yes, of course we did!” However, I’ll also accept, “Well, duh!” It’s been a long time since we last chatted — well over a month. And while I’d love to rub it in your face tell you that I’ve been vacationing…

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The Perfect Concert in Florida with Pearl Jam, The Next Victim, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

I hate to complain — not really. In all honesty, complaining is one of my favorite pastimes. However, no one likes a Negative Nancy. Therefore, to save face, I pretend that I hate to complain. Are you with me? Did I lose you? So, on this Tuesday morning afternoon (can’t a…

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If J.K. Rowling and Eddie Redmayne Endorsed The Next Victim, Would Howard Stern Read It?

If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life? And when you think of Harry Potter, I really hope it’s the books that come to mind. Sure, the movies are a lot of fun and Daniel Radcliffe makes a great wizard, but…

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The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel Live!? Skip Both and Read The Next Victim

Are you a fan of late night television? I’m not either. However, I’m not sure if my opinion should really be considered — I still find myself watching the incredibly awful Scream Queens for some unknown reason. Now, I like to give credit where credit is due: Ryan Murphy has created some great…

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