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How Would Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Alanis Morissette Compare The Next Victim to The Walking Dead?

I have a confession to make. First and foremost, yes, I’m not a natural blonde. But even more revealing is the fact that when it comes to The Walking Dead, I’m not a fan. Now, before you burn my debut novel, delete me from Facebook, and try to find out…

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Do Characters from The Next Victim Root for Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Donald Trump?

We never stop learning. Ever. But that’s a good thing, right? I mean, if we aren’t learning on a daily basis, are we still technically living? Wow! Umm, that’s a little too philosophical for my liking. Not to mention, I haven’t even had my morning cup of coffee. Let me slow it…

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The Next Victim on The New York Times Bestseller List? I’d Jump as High as Michael Jordan in My Nikes

Stephen King, Lisa Gardner, Marti Melville . . . I can’t speak for other authors. Why would I want to? After all, the aforementioned do a fantastic job of telling their own tales; they don’t need my help. However, when I set out to write a book, I’m assuming (yes,…

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What You Won’t Find in The Next Victim: Netflix, Android by BlackBerry, or a Great Country Song

With the risk of sounding as if I’m tooting my own horn (insert joke here), I’m going to start by listing a few things my debut novel, The Next Victim, has to offer. First and foremost: suspense. You’re probably staring at your computer screen (or smartphone) and screaming, “Duh!” Well, that…

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Not a CMA Awards Fan? Still Craving Halloween Candy? Then Bite into The Next Victim

Take a quick moment to mourn the fact that Halloween (and October) has officially come and gone. Okay, your moment is up. And while you may think it’s a little early to start celebrating Thanksgiving, or dare I even say it, Christmas, there’s still a piece of October, Halloween, and…

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