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Available at, When Will The Next Victim Come to Kroger and Retail Stores?

All writers have one goal: to see their work in print. Oops! I did it again . . . speaking for other authors. Okay, storytellers have many, many goals and aspirations. However, it’s pretty safe to say that, when first starting out, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, and Jeffery Deaver all had the…

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How Would Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Alanis Morissette Compare The Next Victim to The Walking Dead?

I have a confession to make. First and foremost, yes, I’m not a natural blonde. But even more revealing is the fact that when it comes to The Walking Dead, I’m not a fan. Now, before you burn my debut novel, delete me from Facebook, and try to find out…

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Do Characters from The Next Victim Root for Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Donald Trump?

We never stop learning. Ever. But that’s a good thing, right? I mean, if we aren’t learning on a daily basis, are we still technically living? Wow! Umm, that’s a little too philosophical for my liking. Not to mention, I haven’t even had my morning cup of coffee. Let me slow it…

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The Next Victim on The New York Times Bestseller List? I’d Jump as High as Michael Jordan in My Nikes

Stephen King, Lisa Gardner, Marti Melville . . . I can’t speak for other authors. Why would I want to? After all, the aforementioned do a fantastic job of telling their own tales; they don’t need my help. However, when I set out to write a book, I’m assuming (yes,…

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What You Won’t Find in The Next Victim: Netflix, Android by BlackBerry, or a Great Country Song

With the risk of sounding as if I’m tooting my own horn (insert joke here), I’m going to start by listing a few things my debut novel, The Next Victim, has to offer. First and foremost: suspense. You’re probably staring at your computer screen (or smartphone) and screaming, “Duh!” Well, that…

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Not a CMA Awards Fan? Still Craving Halloween Candy? Then Bite into The Next Victim

Take a quick moment to mourn the fact that Halloween (and October) has officially come and gone. Okay, your moment is up. And while you may think it’s a little early to start celebrating Thanksgiving, or dare I even say it, Christmas, there’s still a piece of October, Halloween, and…

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