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To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question

Okay, listen. Well, I suppose “read” would be more appropriate. Anyway, yes — I’ve decided to start blogging (regularly) again. Now, if you happened to be one of my two and half loyal fans (Did I just say that? Do I really think I have fans?), then you may remember my previous blog — Cutter’s Corner. Cutter’s Corner started and ended four years ago. Why? Well, the answer to that question is quite simple: I got lazy.

If you want to have a blog (a successful blog), then you have to be committed. Go ahead and insert some joke about a man having commitment issues — I’ll hold.

But, seriously, having a blog takes work. Technically, you should post a new article at least once a week (AT LEAST!); articles should also be no less than 300 words. If I wanted to work that hard at something without getting a paycheck, I’d have children. Not really. You can catch your breath, because that won’t be happening anytime soon slash ever.

In reality, I quit writing my original blog because it was time consuming, and I wasn’t necessarily getting anything out of it. But, perhaps I was getting something out it, because cut-to-me blogging again! I mean, I do need another avenue other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and word-of-mouth to shamelessly plug my new novel (‘Til Death is now available in all formats). And, maybe blogging will help me get something that I’m currently lacking from my yet to be established fiction writing career, and the daily routine of my web copywriting career. That is IF I can — what’s the word I’m looking for? — be committed enough to blog on the reg. I guess time will tell. And if this happens to be the first and last entry of Cutter’s Corner 2.0, then thanks for stopping by; it was nice knowing you!

Okay, it’s time for some ground rules. First of all, if you’re looking for one of those blogs to help you become a better person and learn how to see the “good” in everything, then find the nearest exit — this blog ain’t for you! Just as well, if you’re searching for something cheap and trashy, discussing the latest trends in pop culture, like Kim K’s fat ass, then I’m probably still not your guy.

I’d actually like to think that this blog will combine elements of everything: class, a little trash, entertainment, world events, and, maybe, even something with a little bit of meaning. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even offer you some advice along the way? “Good luck,” he said with a sly smile and subtle wink.

So, in signing off, I’m going to give a quick warning to the wise: If you’re in my life, then chances are you’ll be making a cameo in my blog. Sure, names will be changed to protect the guilty, but blogs (in my opinion) are supposed to be real, raw, and tell the truth — not encounters of fiction. Therefore, friends, family, acquaintances past and present (specifically those who’ve wronged me), and any other rando I may come into contact with along the way: all bets are off!

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